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Why Use Us

Client Testimonials

For us, being therapists is not a job, it is our passion. We designed our Center to reflect this, and believe from the moment you walk through our doors, you will experience the difference. It was difficult, however, to put into words what makes us unique, so we asked our clients to tell you for us.

  • “The best part of your practice is that you treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit.”
  • “The safe and comfortable environment coupled with the connectedness I feel with the therapist has empowered me in my life.”
  • “Honest direction delivered with respect, compassion, caring and understanding.”
  • “For the past seven years, no other psychiatrist or therapist ever scratched the surface let alone actually helped me recover from this disease of anorexia. My therapist at the Center made all the difference.”
  • “Each time I come for an appointment I learn something helpful, whether I want to or not and that’s good.”
  • “My therapist has helped me to grow. I have hope and optimism about my future for the first time in my life.”
  • “From the first phone call, my therapist went above and beyond the call of duty.”
  • “Therapists at the Center demonstrate a unique blend of professionalism and personal touch.”
  • “I have struggled with alcohol for as long as I can remember. I am so grateful to now have recovery. My therapist saved my life.”
  • “To say therapy has been an enriching experience is an understatement.”
  • “My therapist is much more than her title; she is truly a godsend to me. She is an involved listener, compassionate and genuine in her responsiveness. I feel as though I can be completely honest with her because I trust her thoroughly.”
  • “Through her gifts of perception and analysis, my therapist has helped me to see perspectives other than my own and has taught me a healthy way to live my life.”
  • “We also laugh a lot. I love that facet of the therapeutic relationship.”
  • “My therapist’s hardworking professional ethics along with her aptitude for digesting others’ feelings make her capable of helping anyone.”
  • “The hug at the end of the session is the best.”

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