"An organization will save anywhere from $5 to $7 for every $1 invested in an EAP."


Once the Center has worked with a company and customized an EAP to meet its’ needs, 3 purchase options are available:

Capitated Plan

The traditional Capitated EAP contract is a set cost per employee per year and is usually attractive to large organizations that have high utilization and extensive needs for their employees.

Fee-For-Service Plan

The Fee-For Service option is particularly attractive to organizations with limited budgets. These businesses can implement an EAP and purchase only those services needed, still deriving all of the benefits of having a full-service EAP ( i.e. reduction in Worker’s Compensation costs, Drug Free Workplace compliance, DOT regulatory compliance, improved productivity and workplace morale).

Combination Capitated/Fee-For-Service Plan

The Combination plan (capitated counseling sessions and fee-for-service ancillary services) is attractive to those organizations that want to reduce healthcare insurance costs due to high utilization of mental health benefits, but are not necessarily interested in many of the ancillary services provided by an EAP.

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